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Auditions for Mamma Mia!

Auditions for Mamma Mia! at JRT

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Auditions for Jonesborough Repertory Theatre’s summer production of the musical Mamma Mia! are here. Sunday and Monday, January 27and 28, starting at 7:00 pm. Possible callbacks on the 29. Auditions will be held at the theatre located at 125.5 West Main St, Jonesborough.

Auditioners will be asked to look at the rehearsal schedule upon arrival and list any potential conflicts on their form. We are auditioning early so rehearsals will initially be light; they will intensify late March. 

Auditions will consist of a group dance, group sing, and cold readings. If you are interested in a solo and/or lead role, please prepare a 40 - 60 second audition piece. If bringing sheet music, please put it in a binder and have it clearly marked. Wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable moving in for the dance portion of the audition.


Sophie is about to marry her fiancé Sky but feels that something is missing. Wondering what she can discover about herself by learning the identity of her father, she takes a chance and invites the three men (Sam, Harry, and Bill) she believes could be “Dad” to her wedding. 

Donna who has been raising Sophie as a single mother is delighted to welcome her old band mates (Tanya and Rosie) to the island to celebrate Sophie’s wedding. Donna is horrified to realize Sam, Harry, and Bill are also on the island (unbeknownst to her, at Sophie’s invitation) just before the wedding. 

This is a fun show all about the love in friendship, family and romance set to the music of the pop group, ABBA.


Sophie Sheridan- (character age, 20) Sophie has a youthful energy. She’s young and in love. She’s fierce, fun, and most of all curious! She wants to know about her past and figure out who she is. Must be a strong vocalist.

Ali- (character age,18-mid-20s) One of Sophie’s life long friends! Must have good comedic timing. Must be a strong vocalist. Dance talents will be featured.

Lisa- (character age,18-mid-20s) Same as Ali. The three are peas in a pod.

Donna Sheridan- (character age, 40. Flexible) Sophie’s loving mother. Donna has a story of her own to tell. She is stubborn, wild, and hard working. She is above all a wonderful friend. Must be a strong vocalist.

Tanya- (character age, 38. Flexible) One of Donna’s dearest friends. A woman who knows luxury and values self-care, but is no less of an amazing friend. She is selfless but effortlessly herself. Must have good comedic instincts. Must be a strong vocalist. 

Rosie- (character age, 40. Flexible) A writer and the final member of Donna’s Dynamo’s trio. Rosie is always ready for adventure. Must have strong comedic timing. Must be a strong vocalist. 

Sky- (character age,18- mid twenties; must look close in age to Sophie) Sky is an adventurer who loves Sophie more than anything. Must be a strong vocalist. 

Pepper- (character age, 20s) Bar man at Taverna. Pepper is a FLIRT who has his sights set on Tanya. Must be a strong dancer. Must have strong comedic timing. 

Eddie- (character age, 20s) Helps Sky with water sports. Must be a strong dancer. 

Harry Bright- (character age, 40s. Flexible) May be Sophie’s father. “Spontaneous” or maybe he used to be. A banker who once loved Donna. Must be a strong vocalist.

Bill Austin- (character age, 40s. Flexible) May be Sophie’s father. Bill is an untamed adventure. “A beefcake.” A free spirit. Must have good comedic timing.

Sam Carmichael- (character age, 40s. Flexible) May be Sophie’s father. Sam is an architect and “the one who got away.” Must have good comedic timing. Must be a strong vocalist. 

Father Alexandrios- (Any age) The local priest.

ENSEMBLE- (various ages, 15 and up) Islanders who work at Donna’s, wedding guests, tourists.


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Auditions for Mamma Mia!